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A   B   O   U   T     U   S
Skin Deep Studio located at Lashes & Massage Lake Tapps Medi Spa was newly founded in 2016 by Master Esthetician Whitney Peterson. Here, we take the time to know your skin and set up the right treatment plan to help you achieve the results you desire. We offer corrective facial treatments for acne, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, and aging skin. Our hope is that you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout your experience, educated by our discussions, and blown away by the results you receive under our care.
A   C   N   E
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C   H   E   M   I   C   A   L     P   E   E   L   S
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A   D   V   A   N   C   E   D     F   A   C   I   A   L   S
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W   A   X   I   N   G
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P   R   O   D   U   C   T   S
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